By means of a methodology focussed on research, we conceive and implement strategic design projects which expand design thought in order to recognise even the more remote effects which can impact on human and animal rights. We are constantly seeking to improve, which through the sharing of knowledge and ethical responsibility, encourages open communication between the Zup team, clients and suppliers, so as to implement long-term sustainable solutions aimed at renewing the integral relationship between natural processes and human activities.

Issues of sustainability are no longer topics that can be ignored within the work cycle: on the contrary, they are in fact the starting point of every project. This need is not only dictated by an ethical (and personal) will to pursue certain objectives for the benefit of the planet, but also by strictly financial outcomes that every company should take into consideration. Many regulations have already been implemented to verify sustainable corporate behaviour, and many more are planned: it is not only the B2C market that is switched-on to these issues, B2B is also starting to see the definition of very clear boundaries within the realms of business.

Creative Empathy

Client: MC A

Year: 2015

European Design Award ('10)

Arcipelago Italia

Client: MC A

Year: 2018

European Design Award ('19)


Client: Tremme

Year: 2013

Compasso d'Oro ('16)

Lifestyle Week

Client: Anti-Inflammaging

Year: 2020

Sustainability Booklet '20

Client: Mediolanum

Year: 2020

Sustainability Report '19

Client: Biesse

Year: 2020