Strategic design

Zup represents a way of seeing design as a universal and integrated space. In the perception of the environments we live in, there is no real demarcation between one object and the next, a source of light and the way it is reflected on surfaces, a text and the way it is written. This is why we believe that the project must feature a comprehensive plan, where a brand integrates with its media and all that carries it. This vision allows us to tackle projects of a diverse nature, from the most expansive to the more specific, without ever losing sight of the importance of the objectives defined with our clients. We have a network of collaborators that we can mobilise according to project requirements, which are everchanging. We can vary in size and follow every aspect of communication, including the most detailed ones, or offer a multi-level coordination service.


Exhibition design for Sensational Umbria, promoted by Regione Umbria and  featuring one of the masters of international photography: Steve McCurry. The photographic images were installed on the ground, mounted on a natural finish metal sheet casing in a range of 35 different heights and sizes, and backlit with a double LED lighting system.

Case Studies

Yoku S System