Zup Design is a creative agency founded in 2001 which embraces communication, industrial design, multimedia installations, exhibition spaces and interior design, with the aim of cdeveloping cohesive brand identities for its clients.
To achieve these complex objectives, Zup implements a working methodology that addresses each issue from a comprehensive viewpoint, sharing the belief that distinguishing between graphic, industrial and architectural design is no longer relevant, and should focus on language, volumes, shapes and images. This involves a holistic design approach which can lead to an effective and coherent response to any question posed, and that is guided by functional needs which can be adapted to any type of two- or three-dimensional project: from object to installation, from printed matter to multimedia tools. The creative team adopts a single working methodology for all projects, be they in the field of graphics, industrial or interior design. This holistic research process aims to merge the many fields of creativity: language, form and image.

The studio's creative work has been recognised with numerous awards, including the ADI Compasso d'Oro 2008-2011, the RedDot Design Award, Design Plus, the German Design Award, the ethical Grandesign, the iF Award to name a few.